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November 2018 Webinar

Comparing Permanent Total Disability Claims in Colorado and Utah
November 20, 2018 at 12:00 PM MST

Presented by Brad J. Miller and Hayleigh P. Lidbury

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Marijuana and Colorado Workers’ Compensation, presented by Christin Bechmann and Kendra Garstka
Rescheduled to November 20th
Determining Dependents for Death Benefits and Common Law Spouse Issues,
 presented by Denise Gonzales and Ilene Feldmeier
The New Rule 11 and Changes to the Division IME Process
, presented by Ilene Feldmeier and Hayleigh Lidbury
What’s It Worth?  Valuation and Resolution Strategies for Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claims, presented by Eric Pollart and Chris Gray
No webinar due to the Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar
Reducing Temporary Disability Benefits with Rule 6 and the 24 Month DIME, Jake Johnson, Jessica Grimes and Joelle Levit
Affirmative Defenses and Offsets:  Reducing Liability On Claims, presented by Michelle Prince, Amanda Branson and Katherine Sickendick
Evaluation Compensability and Causation Issues (Including the Role of Diagnostic Testing), presented by Brad Miller and Kendra Garstka
Bad Faith Claims:  Claims Notes as Evidence, presented by Ian Mitchell and Gail Benson


December 19
November 21
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The New Rule 16, presented by Eric Pollart and Jacqui Condon
Cumulative Trauma in Utah, presented by Christin Bechmann and Andres Hermosillo
Cumulative Trauma, Occupational Disease and Rule 17 in Colorado, presented by Ilene Feldmeier and Jessica Grimes

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