Defense Independent Medical Examinations in Utah

Appeals Board of Utah Labor Commission holds recording of an independent medical examination (IME) not allowed where recording interferes with the employer’s right to have an IME performed by a physician of its choice. Respondent set an independent medical examination (IME) and functional capacity evaluation (FCE) consistent with the Utah Workers’ Compensation Act. Petitioner objected and [...]

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Remember the September 1, 2018 Deadline to file the Opioid Prescribing Policy Reporting Form Just a final reminder that a workers’ compensation insurer (or self-insured employer) is required to submit a report to the Utah Insurance Department on or before September 1, 2018 indicating whether or not the insurer has adopted an opioid policy as set forth [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Christin Bechmann Partner Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix     Gail L. Benson Partner Denver, Phoenix     Amanda J. Branson Partner Denver     Jeffrey A. Callister Associate Salt Lake City     Jacqui D. Condon Partner Denver     Ilene [...]

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Workers’ Compensation

Few areas of law change so quickly or affect employers and insurers as much as workers’ compensation.  With the rising cost of doing business, it is imperative that our clients have years of experience on their side.  Pollart Miller LLC's attorneys have extensive experience representing employers and insurers in all facets of the workers’ [...]

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