Colorado Criminal Law Update

Coronavirus has changed our day to day lives in many ways, including the court and jail systems. Given just how contagious the virus has proven to be, Colorado has taken steps to change how low level offenses are being handled. Officials in Denver and Boulder have given directives to law enforcement to reduce arrests for [...]

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Self Defense

Jake Johnson represented a client in Denver District Court who was charged with multiple felonies including DUI, Assault in the 1st Degree and Vehicular Assault. The charges stemmed from a social event at his residence where there was a fight and in his efforts to remove himself from the situation he ran over one and [...]

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Should I Do a Self-Background Check

If you are seeking employment, a new apartment or home, or if you need to get a loan, there’s a very high likelihood that the people in charge of deciding whether or not you will get what you want are going to do a background check on you. Why should you care? Because background checks [...]

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What to Know About Open Carry Laws in Colorado

Many Coloradans love guns and are supporters of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. State laws vary dramatically on the rights of residents to carry firearms, and Colorado is one of the more permissive states regarding gun laws. However, any weapons charges resulting from illegal possession or carrying of a firearm are still harshly [...]

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Domestic Violence

Colorado does not have a specific statute that defines “domestic violence” and you will not find a crime titled Domestic Violence anywhere in the Colorado criminal code. Instead, domestic violence is a broad term that is separated into categories of behavior that are inflicted upon a person with whom the actor is or has been [...]

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Boating Under the Influence

This Summer has been brutally hot here in Colorado and many of us are likely trying to beat the heat by spending time on one of Colorado’s numerous lakes or reservoirs. It is likely no surprise that hot weather, lakes and boats often go hand-in-hand with cold alcoholic beverages. Therefore, we wanted to clarify a [...]

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Legal Sports Betting

The Supreme Court recently overturned a long standing sport betting law which essentially banned betting on sports at the federal level. The Supreme Court justices found the law violated the anti-commandeering clause of the Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment determines what can be federally regulated and what can be regulated by the states. It dictates [...]

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Drug Use in Colorado

Colorado has the third highest drug problem of any state in the nation according to a recent study ranking states by their drug usage and addiction, law enforcement drug issues and drug health and rehab issues. Even though Colorado legalized adult recreational marijuana usage in 2014 the study included cannabis in its list of illicit [...]

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Recent Changes to Criminal Law in Colorado

By R. Jake Johnson A number of new criminal laws went into effect in Colorado on January 1, 2018, regarding a myriad of issues.  Here are a few of the recent changes in Colorado: Driver’s License Consequences of Hit-and-Run Accidents Starting in 2018, the Department of Revenue can suspend a person's driver’s license if they [...]

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