Stalking In A Digital Age, Will A Restraining Order Help?

Posted March 3, 2018

It keeps happening. Your ex seems to somehow show up wherever you go. This cannot be a coincidence; there are too many instances where your ex is in the same place at the same time as you are. How do they know? After exhausting all possibilities you think, “Maybe I am just being paranoid” or “I must be going crazy and making too much out of this.” Chances are if something does not feel right, it is probably not. With the advent of technology, digital stalking has become easier to install and harder to detect.

Trust your gut

Think your phone is bugged? Ask yourself these questions: Is your battery draining more quickly than usual? Do you notice the phone randomly shutting down? Are strange text messages appearing with odd numbers or symbols? Any of these red flags could mean spyware is installed on your device.

Vonnie’s Law

Yvonne affectionately known as “Vonnie” Flores was a kindergarten teacher’s assistant in Leadville who was tragically killed by her neighbor after two years of non-stop stalking. Vonnie’s Law helps to define stalking and separate it from other harassing behaviors. The legislation puts in place additional guidelines for mandatory protection orders in cases where stalking is involved. In cases like this, it prevents the perpetrator from immediately returning to the same situation where the incident(s) occurred. At the time Flores was killed, she had a temporary restraining order against the man who was stalking her and eventually ended up taking her life.

Getting an RO in CO

Getting a restraining order in The Centennial State takes two steps. First, you need to receive a temporary restraining order, commonly known as a TRO. For fourteen days the TRO will be in effect. After that point, you will need to return to court to make the order permanent. Once you are granted a permanent restraining order, PRO, the length will be decided by the judge and can be enforced across the country.

Constantly looking over your shoulder is no way to live. Getting a permanent restraining order can help victims feel protected whether they are facing stalking on the streets or on their phone.