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At Pollart Miller LLC, we are committed to being the partner of choice for civil litigation.  Resourceful and experienced, our attorneys are effective at vigorously protecting our clients in state and federal courts in order to help them achieve their business and litigation goals.

Equipped with the experience and resources of an established firm, we provide personal attention and responsive service while maintaining sensitivity to costs uniquely tailored for each client.

We have a record of successfully representing insurance companies and employers in various industries, ranging from the health care and transportation industries to the retail, entertainment and manufacturing industries (and more).

The Greenwood Village attorneys at Pollart Miller LLC are ready to help you preserve your interests and achieve the best possible resolution in any civil litigation matter.  We encourage you to explore the rest of this page and our site to learn more about our range of services.  We also welcome you to:

Call or email one of our Attorneys at Pollart Miller LLC to discover more about how our experience and representation
can help you achieve your business and legal objectives.

Appellate Law

Preserving a success at trial or reversing an incorrect decision requires excellence in both written briefing and argument.  It requires an attorney at Pollart Miller LLC.

Our significant appellate experience spans a wide array of issues and legal settings, including the:

  • Colorado Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Industrial Claim Appeals Office
  • Utah Court of Appeals

With a record of successful advocacy that has helped establish important law, we are skilled at providing aggressive representation as we help clients navigate the appellate system after trial.

Labor And Employment Law

Various state and federal laws regulate labor and employment issues.  The Greenwood attorneys at Pollart Miller LLC have extensive experience representing clients at the state, federal and administrative level for the full range of labor and employment law disputes, including (but not limited to):

  • Wage and hour claims
  • Title VII claims
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Independent contractor and misclassification issues.

We help clients navigate the complex provisions of the federal statutes (like the Americans with Disability Act and the Family Medical Leave Act) while guiding them through matters of the employer/employee relationship.  Our clients benefit from a distinct advantage arising from our experience, skills and resources.

Family Law

Family legal disputes can involve complex financial issues, as well as emotionally charged matters like parental rights and child custody.  With expertise in all areas of domestic relations law, our lawyers are proficient at:

  • Identifying our clients’ best options for achieving their goals and objectives
  • Helping clients resolve their family legal matters as efficiently and favorably as possible.

In addition to representing clients in divorce proceedings, we also handle family cases involving:

  • Annulments and legal separations
  • Pre- and postnuptial agreements
  • Paternity issues
  • Child custody and child support, including post-judgment modifications
  • Spousal maintenance, including post-judgment modifications
  • Allegations of abuse and domestic violence.

General Insurance Law

Effective at representing insurance companies and self-insured employers, our lawyers are known for vigorously defending clients in third- and first-party claims.

We know how to handle a vast array of insurance claims in state and federal courts – and how to:

  • Advise clients on policy, coverage and claim adjustment issues
  • Limit clients’ liability, as well as the possibility of future tort actions
  • Reduce litigation costs while favorably resolving claims brought against our clients.

Subrogation & Recovery

Negligence can result in insurance companies and/or employers having to front resources in order to resolve legal disputes.  When this occurs, our subrogation and recovery experts can assist clients in pursuing all available avenues for financial recovery.

Whether in state or federal court, we are effective at maintaining the action(s) necessary to maximizing the potential for repayment.  We work closely with clients to identify their goals and best options for recovery.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation law is an ever-evolving area that can significantly impact insurers’ and employers’ bottom lines.  When workers’ compensation disputes arise, experienced legal representation can be integral to securing favorable resolutions.

At Pollart Miller LLC, our attorneys are highly experienced at representing employers and insurers in all facets of the workers’ compensation system.

Backed by the experience of a former judge, as well as lawyers who have authored workers’ compensation legislation, we are up to date on the latest changes to workers’ compensation laws – and we are ready to help clients take an aggressive approach to claim prevention and claim defense.