Parental Relocation Attorneys

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Parental Relocation Attorneys

Changing your state or city of residence places emotional stress on all members of a family. If you are co-parenting with a former spouse or partner, you may have to modify your custody or support agreements to account for the geographic distance.

Since altering your family law agreements will affect your parental role, it is important to have legal help. At Pollart Miller, our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys will help you to achieve a resolution that protects the interests of you and your children.

What Are the Effects of Parental Relocation?

Your original family law agreements, whether negotiated or court-mandated, assumed certain practicalities based upon where each parent resides. In the event of relocation, both parents have legal rights and responsibilities. It is necessary, however, to make changes that reflect the new reality and address issues such as:

  • Decision-making responsibilities. Typically, both parents share in major decisions regarding the child’s medical care and education. Pollart Miller’s family lawyers will help you assess whether the existing agreement is still feasible given the relocation.
  • Parenting time. Regardless of the specific arrangement, it is likely this schedule must change to accommodate the new geographical location of the parents.
  • Child support. The support guidelines in Colorado are based in part on the amount of time the child spends with each parent. If this schedule changes, so might the calculation of support.

Revisiting these important issues is difficult without legal advice and emotional support. The divorce attorneys at Pollart Miller can help you navigate the complexities of managing a family law agreement, even if one parent is moving to a new jurisdiction. Our team is equally adept at courtroom advocacy and private negotiations, thus able to help you achieve resolution in an adversarial or collegial setting.

Learn More About Your Rights

Call (720) 488-9586 or email Pollart Miller to schedule a consultation. Together we can work toward a solution that helps you retain your relationship with your children and minimizes the overall stress on you and your family.

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