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What Happens if You are Caught in Possession of Drugs in Colorado?

If you were found to be in possession of controlled substances considered illegal to possess under the law of Colorado then there are various levels of severity for this charge, including possession, cultivation, intent to distribute, and trafficking of a controlled substance. Each one has its own penalties, each one worse than the last. The criminal law team at Pollart and Miller LLC can help you understand the circumstances behind the charges filed against you in order to prepare the proper defense.

Modifying Parenting Time in Colorado – Why and How

When yourself and the other parent of your child are no longer together, the court decides the allocation of decision-making and parenting-time related to your child. You may become the parent with whom the child resides with for the majority of time or the non-custodial parent. You may file for a motion with the Court to modify the current allocation of parental responsibilities in Colorado.

Assault and Battery According to Colorado Law

Battery and assault are often used together but in fact, they are two distinct charges that can be leveled against a person. Due to them being different crimes, the penalties are different for each as well. Nevertheless, these charges are often used together in a criminal case in order to sufficiently describe the fullness of a person's actions.

Theft in Colorado – Degrees and Possible Sentences

Colorado theft is said to be common and occur when a person intentionally retains, obtains or controls anything of value belonging to another individual, without authorization from the owner, or by deception or threat. Theft crimes may include but are not limited to shoplifting, embezzlement, larceny, and pretenses. Understanding everything about theft is crucial in order to avoid it.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities in Colorado

As a parent going through divorce or child custody case, you have to be mindful of what life will look like for your children, moving forward. In allocation of parental responsibilities in Colorado, the court considers several factors. Find out what they are.

The Top 5 Ways To Save On Your Divorce Attorney Fees

Going through a divorce is not only an emotional experience but also an investment in your future interests. Depending on the complexity of your assets and whether you have children you might face an expensive investment. Here are 5 great tips on how you can save on your divorce attorney fees.

Can You Possess Too Many Marijuana Plants in Colorado?

Even though the personal cultivation of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed. Illegal possession of marijuana plants is a criminal offence. Read this article to learn more about regulations and marijuana possession limits.

Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Colorado statutory marriage demands that the parties seeking marriage be above 18 years of age, or between 16 and 18 with the permission of the [...]

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