Emergency COVID-19 Rules Update

This set of currently enacted emergency rules due to COVID-19 replaces two rules issued by the Department of Labor and Employment in March 2020. Notably, the Director rescinded the waiver of notarization for settlement documents. Governor Polis recently issued an executive order allowing for remote notarization. Therefore, there is no longer a need to waive notarization on settlement documents. Notarization of settlement documents is again required by the Division of Workers’ Compensation in proceedings moving forward.

The rules also detail instructions for filing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation electronically. Please note that all information must be submitted via e-mail, with only ONE document attachment per message.

Additionally, these rules encourage the utilization of telehealth wherever medically appropriate. Increasing access to telehealth services is prioritized by the Director to assure injured workers maintain access to reasonable and necessary medical care. Telehealth ensures continuity of care while complying with social distancing guidelines and requirements.

Division of Workers’ Compensation 7 CCR 1101-3 Emergency Rules

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August 2020 Newsletter