Divorce and Legal Separations

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Divorce Lawyers in Denver

Divorce is a challenging and emotional legal process. Deciding to end your marriage is hard, but your divorce doesn’t have to be. At Pollart Miller, we understand the intricacies of Colorado divorce law and can guide you through the legal steps to dissolve your marriage.

Why hire a Divorce Attorney?

In even the most amicable divorce proceedings, the dissolution of a marriage is rarely as simple as signing on the dotted line. At Pollart Miller, our experienced divorce attorneys can help you with the following:

  • Determining Child Custody and Support – Perhaps one of the biggest points of contention in any divorce is determining who gets custody of the children. Our experts can help you and your spouse outline custody arrangements.
  • Alimony – Called spousal maintenance in Colorado, alimony is money paid from one spouse to another after the marriage ends. Regardless of your circumstance, we will represent your interests in negotiating a fair settlement.
  • Discover and Divide The Marital Assets – Our divorce lawyers and experts will work to create a full accounting of the marital assets and debts. If you suspect your spouse is hiding money or property, we will investigate.
  • Real estate holdings – Spouses may continue to live together in the family home during divorce proceedings. If you own multiple homes, our attorneys will help you resolve the issue of how to split the property and divide assets in an equitable fashion.
  • Assets of uncertain value – Some assets are difficult to value. Expert valuations and testimony is often necessary to decide the worth of these kinds of assets so they can form part of a fair divorce settlement.

Your divorce settlement will have long-lasting personal and financial effects on you and your loved ones. It’s therefore vital to have the counsel of the experienced family law attorneys at Pollart Miller to advocate for your best interests. Often, the right lawyer makes the difference between a settlement you can live with and the prospect of ongoing conflict with your former spouse. Pollart Miller’s Family Law practice consistently provides you with expert legal advice and compassionate counsel throughout the divorce process.

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