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Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys

Sometimes bad things happen to people with the best intentions. More often than you think, good people can find themselves navigating the criminal justice system for misdemeanors and felonies. When you find yourself in this situation, you want to have the best criminal defense attorneys on your team.

The Criminal Defense team at Pollart Miller combines the experience of former prosecuting attorneys and Denver defense lawyers to provide aggressive, high-quality legal defense for those who find themselves in District, County or Municipal courts throughout the Denver area and Colorado. Our Denver defense attorneys have years of experience with jury trials, bench trials, arraignments, preliminary hearings, motions hearings, sentencing hearings and probation revocation hearings. We are committed to providing quality representation for all of your criminal defense needs.

Criminal Defense Cases with Pollart Miller

The consequences of a conviction can be devastating, and you do not want to risk putting your case in the hands of just any Denver criminal defense attorney. Our criminal law practice focuses on providing aggressive and compassionate representation for our clients. We understand the criminal justice system can be confusing, scary and sometimes harsh, and we help our clients navigate the complexities of the system while ensuring their rights are protected. Our clients feel safe, knowing that our team of criminal defense attorneys including domestic violence & drug possession lawyers carefully prepare their case, investigating all the evidence and aggressively challenging the prosecution’s case. Our Denver criminal defense lawyers will investigate your case and represent you in the best way possible.

The key to a solid defense is having the best information possible. We work tirelessly to gather thorough evidence and present it in a smart and appropriate manners. We encourage our clients to be honest with our criminal defense attorneys and provide all of the necessary information that is needed to fully defend your case. Our Denver attorneys look at all possible angles to formulate a strong defense plan based on the fact provided. We then take our industry knowledge, years of experience, and skill in litigation to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Are you ready to start working with your dedicated criminal defense attorney? The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with our legal team. Our Denver defense lawyers are ready to meet with you, review your case, and explain your best defense options. We are prepared to provide you with aggressive, compassionate representation as we help you successfully navigate the criminal justice system.

Call (720) 488-9586 or fill out a contact form to discover how our experience & representation can position your defense case for success. Have questions about the criminal defense system? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and give you peace of mind in your case.

Attorneys Practicing Criminal Law

DUI/DWI Arrests

DUI and DWI arrests result in two cases: a court case and a DMV case. Our Denver DWI lawyers can help you defend yourself in both cases, regardless of whether you have prior DUI convictions on your record. When you get caught driving under the influence, bring in our team of experienced DUI attorneys to help you out.

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Drug Crimes

The severity of drug charges will depend on the type and amount of drug in question. It can also depend on whether the accused person has prior drug convictions. Pollart Miller has worked with many different drug offenses, from marijuana to cocaine to heroin and more. If you want to get the best possible defense, make sure Pollart Miller is on your side!

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Domestic Violence

When Colorado police receive a domestic violence call, an arrest can be made before the investigation occurs. If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation, call on the team at Pollart MIller to get your case resolved the way you want.

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Assault charges can vary in severity, depending on whether a weapon was allegedly used and the degree to which a victim was injured. Should you be involved in any disputes involving assault, you will want one of Pollart MIller’s attorneys on your side.

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Disorderly Conduct

Inciting violence in public can result in disorderly conduct charges. Though these charges are usually misdemeanors, they can come with significant penalties upon conviction. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to these charges, bring Pollart Miller’s defense lawyers on to your team.

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Burglary, Theft, or Shoplifting

Depending on the type of offense, you could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges for your theft related crimes. In cases of burglary and large thefts, you will want an experienced criminal defense team at your disposal. Even for smaller crimes like shoplifting and small thefts, you’ll want the best defense available.

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Serious Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses can range from driving without a license to being a habitual traffic offender to careless driving resulting in death or serious bodily injury. Don’t let these misdemeanors ruin your record - let Pollart Miller help!

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White Collar Crimes

Charges and cases related to white collar crimes can be complicated. Don’t try to fight them alone. Let our experienced defense attorneys help you present the strongest case.

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Arson charges in Colorado can range from being class 3 felonies to class 3 misdemeanors. In the most serious cases, arson convictions can result in up to 12 years in prison. Let our experienced criminal defense lawyers work on your case to get you minimum sentences.

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Probation Violation Hearings

If you are caught violating your probation, the consequences of those actions can have long lasting effects on yourself and the people around you. Probation can be revoked, and you could find yourself back in prison. Make sure you have the right criminal defense attorney on your side.

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Getting a criminal record expunged can lead to more opportunities in the future. The team at Pollart Miller can help clients expunge prior convictions and get the fresh start they’re seeking.

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Bail Hearings

Presenting a strong case in a bail hearing can impact whether bail is granted, the amount at which bail is set and, ultimately, whether it’s possible to get out of jail prior to trial. Make sure you have the right person arguing your case.

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Why Hire Pollart Miller’s Criminal Defense Practice?

At Pollart Miller, we work to protect you and your rights when you find yourself confronted by the criminal justice system. Since 2003, we’ve successfully defended hundreds of criminal cases in Colorado courts, helping our clients find justice and avoid unnecessary and burdensome penalties that would deprive them of their property or freedom. A frequent honoree of several major legal awards and distinctions, Pollart Miller is recognized as one of Colorado’s top criminal defense firms.

Our experienced legal team understands your concerns and fears about being charged with a crime. As your attorneys, we will walk with you every step of the way through the process, from the day you retain us to the day we resolve your case. Our goal is to keep you informed about how your case is evolving and how we plan to rebut the prosecution — so you can make the decisions that are best for your future. You’re not alone in your criminal justice journey when you hire Pollart Miller as your defense attorney firm.

We have many areas of expertise in the criminal defense practice, including drug crimes, theft, white collar crimes, and more. With this many practice areas, you know the team at Pollart Miller has seen it all and can put their experience to work for you.

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Are you facing criminal charges? Do you need drug or domestic violence lawyer? Do you want to minimize or even avoid potential charges? Pollart Miller continues to be one of the top firms in the Denver area, and our many happy clients can tell you about working with the best. Call us today at 720-488-9586 to set up a meeting and start working on your case!