Bankruptcy Fraud Charges Filed Against Boulder Surgeon

Posted on December 15, 2017

A spinal surgeon in Boulder was recently indicted for bankruptcy fraud and money laundering charges. The charges stem from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case she filed in 2014. The court alleges “bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, fraudulent transfer and concealment, and money laundering.”

The surgeon pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bond was set at $150,000.

According to the indictment, assets that were owned but not reported in the bankruptcy included 200 U.S. silver dollars, foreign currency, gold coins, $46,000 and a diamond ring. The surgeon is also said to have transferred funds in the amount of $170,000 to companies that she had control over, although she was not the registered owner.

Her home’s value was listed as $900,000 in the bankruptcy filing. She also listed a rental home in New Mexico with a value of $436,490. However, this past August, her $900,000 home was put on the market for a selling price of $3.45 million.

The popular surgeon had also been featured in a 2011 article in The Denver Post, where she claimed to own several types of vehicles including a ” … Cirrus Turbo SR-22 single-engine airplane with advanced avionics,” a Porsche Boxster, a Vespa scooter and a Range Rover. Her single-engine plane was not named at all in the bankruptcy, and the Vespa was valued at $500. The Porsche also was not included, and the Range Rover was said to be leased.

There are a lot of things that appear to be iniquitous or dishonest in this case, but are they? Her attorney may have contradictory evidence to prove otherwise.

White collar crimes can be very complex, requiring long, detailed investigations. If you or someone you know has been charged with a white collar crime, a good legal defense team may be able to dig deep and uncover proof to negate the charges. There are many valid defenses for litigating white collar criminal charges. They often take serious investigation and hard work, but when you are facing critical charges, the time and effort is well worth it.

Source: Daily Camera, “Boulder spinal surgeon pleads not guilty to bankruptcy fraud, money laundering charges,” Mitchell Byars, Dec. 8, 2017