Legislative Update

The Colorado Legislature is on hold and both the House and Senate have been temporarily adjourned.  Normally, around this time, we would be seeing the final push and debate as the session winds towards its May 6, 2020 adjournment.  However, on March 14, 2020, the legislature temporarily recessed due to the COVID-19 spread and subsequently the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the Legislature may extend its session because the State Constitution does not require that the 120 day lawmaking period has to be consecutive.  The Court’s ruling means that the Legislature’s session can resume where it left off on March 14, and permit an extension once things resume, for another 52 days.

Right now, the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council (a bipartisan group of both senators and representatives) is recommending reconvening on work on May 18 or 19, 2020 to specifically address passage of the state’s budget and the School Finance Act (which funds K-12 schools).  It is not clear yet what will happen after those bills are passed and sent to the Governor for signature.  Specifically, it is not yet been decided what bills, if any, will be considered by the Legislature before it officially adjourns for the year.

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From the April 2020 Newsletter