Self Defense

Jake Johnson represented a client in Denver District Court who was charged with multiple felonies including DUI, Assault in the 1st Degree and Vehicular Assault. The charges stemmed from a social event at his residence where there was a fight and in his efforts to remove himself from the situation he ran over one and seriously injured of the individuals involved in the fight. He was facing in excess of 200 years in the Department of Corrections. We interviewed multiple witnesses and were able to mount a very convincing self-defense case. On the eve of trial the District Attorney offered a plea offer that capped his potential prison time at six years but also left him eligible for a probationary sentence. The sentencing hearing was exceptionally contentious as our client’s family and witnesses argued for probation and the injured person’s family asked for a maximum prison sentence. Ultimately, the Judge found our arguments convincing and the client received a three year probationary sentence.

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From the September 2019 Newsletter